Artificial Insemination


Artificial Insemination or A.I. is the process of Artificially Inseminating an animal by collecting the semen from the male and then Inseminating the female by a means other than natural breeding.


Semen collection refers to the process of obtaining semen from male animals with the use of various methods, for the purposes of artificial insemination.
Collection is normally done by a Certified lab but can be done by an individual experienced in collection techniques.  

You will need to check with the registry you plan to register your animals with to see what their individual policies are on A.I.  Collection and usage.
AGSR processes the A.I. registration as any other registration without any additional paperwork and does not require a licensed technician to perform the procedure.


Collection Labs can store your Semen Straws or they can be stored on your site in a Nitrogen Tank for more ready access.


Considerable change has occurred within the artificial insemination (AI) industry. The most obvious change was the transition to the straw as the predominant semen package. This package system has several advantages over the ampule. More units can be stored in bulk at the AI organization and in farm semen tanks. The straw system allows more complete delivery of semen during insemination. Probably most important, the straw permits more uniform control of the freezing and thawing process which has led to improved sperm cell recovery. The major disadvantage of the straw system is vulnerability to mishandling.  In addition to the adoption of the straw there has been an increase in direct sales of semen to owner-inseminators.Its estimated that the average farm semen tank contains semen from two to three breeding organizations. Although the 0.5-ml French straw is the most popular semen package available today, 0.25-ml straws may be available in some areas. Each package system has a different surface-to-volume ratio, which requires unique handling procedures.  Recommendations for handling semen also vary among AI organizations using the same package. This whole set of circumstances has resulted in confusion for owner-inseminators and, in some cases, fostered the notion that almost any method of handling semen is adequate. Whether this attitude comes from indifference, ignorance, or confusion, the end result may be lowered conception rate.

Purchasing an already Collected Buck:

It's important you know before purchasing whether the buck your interested in has been collected previously and if Straws are available for A.I. purposes.
Straws being available to purchase elsewhere could reduce the price of your offspring or own available straws should the buck prove to be a Top Buck.


While Semen collection and storage isn't cheap it can be the cheaper way to go if your wanting to be able to keep a billy/rams genetics in your breeding program without keeping the billy/ram.