Our Way of Thinking



Kikos Starting at $600.00
St. Croix starting at $400.00
Prices will vary depending on the individual animals quality and bloodline.


American Goat & Sheep Registry
We use a variety of registries with our preferred registry being AGSR.
As with every breed before the Kiko the registries experience ups & downs & other registries get formed.

If your wanting/needing a particular registry please let us know so we can direct you to what we have available with that particular registry.

Tags - Tattoo - Micro chips

Here at LA Farm we believe in concrete solid permanent identification of our animals.
We Tag, Tattoo and yes Micro-chip.
Branding will also be coming in the near future.
Watch for the LA brand - it will stand for quality bred Kikos and St. Croix.

Why AGSR is different:

No Political Adversity
No Membership Fees
DNA not required but recommended at least on breeding Bucks - DNA optional
Buyer responsible for transfer
Working toward Kiko Shows & Sales
Reasonable Registration Fees
A more diversified Percentage Program
Accepts all other major Registration Certificates at face value.



We vaccinate annually with CDT and CL.
We firmly believe prevention is the way to go.


We do sell straight off the farm.
Bottle Babies will be available immediately.

All others will be available upon weaning.


LA Farm believes in worming ONLY those needing it therefore we worm on an as-need basis.
We have taken the stand to eliminate any animal in our herd that needs worming more than once a year (*other than boers).
We once again prefer to do prevention over treatment.  
We rotate our pastures and lime to help our animals avoid worm loads.
We also have researched and incorporated into our meadows known natural wormer legumes such as Serica Lespedeza, tannin-rich plants that inhibit worm infestation include sainfoin, birdsfoot trefoil, dock and chicory.


We test on a random basis yearly for Johnes and OPP.
We do not test for CL since we vaccinate for CL.  CL vaccinated animals would test positive for CL due to the vaccine therefore CL Testing is not an option for CL vaccinated animals.
We monitor our herd closely & have never had a case of CL to date.

Shows & Auctions:

There are no shows to date for the Kiko but LA farm is working with AGSR to start Kiko shows hopefully beginning in 2018.
LA Farm along with AGSR will start hosting an annual Kiko Show and Auction (*again hopefully) in 2018.

We plan to incorporate a weekend Show with a commissioned Auction.

Forage & Worm Load Testing:

We believe both are beneficial in running a well managed herd.