Most common in Goats and Sheep:
*Round Worm
*Pin Worm
*Lung Worm


A single-celled organisms and always in the goat’s environment and are normally carried by all goats. 

When they reproduce and overwhelm a goat that isn’t resistant to them, they become a problem. 

Kids under the age of six months are at highest risk of coccidiosis. 

The main sign of coccidiosis is diarrhea, although in some cases, an affected goat becomes constipated and dies.


Several Specie of Mites affect Goats and Sheep:

* Ear Mites
*Follicle Mites

*Scabies mite

The most common Follicle mite causes demodectic Mange.

Scabies mite causes Sarcroptic Mange.

MItes burrow beneath the skin resulting in the formation of scabs.



10% Fenbendazole

Wormer for removal and control of stomach worms in goats. 

Give 2.3 mL orally for each 100 lb body weight. 

6 day slaughter withdrawal. 


Controls 13 types of adult and larval stages of internal parasites.  

 Administer orally 1 ml per 11 lbs. body weight.


 Controls Barber Pole Worms.

Administer Orally 1 cc per 30#