South African Northern Cape Speckled Goats

We are very excited to announce we are currently working with a breeder in South Africa to bring the SA Northern Cape Speckled Goats to the United States.

Please watch our website for updates.

Speckled Goat Information


Registering through the first and only registry at this time in the United States registering Speckled Goats.
$20.00 Registration per animal
Additional $35.00 if DNA requested
American Goat & Sheep Registry

Breed Club

International Speckled Goat Association

$25.00 a year database maintenance fee.
Privately owned - No membership fees.
Contracted registration through AGSR.

DNA Requirements

ISGA does not require DNA verification on Bucks with less than 10 offspring annually or less than 25 offspring total.
DNA will be required for bucks with more than 10 offspring in one year or more than 25 offspring total.
The ISGA highly recommends the DNA verification of ALL Speckled Goats.
The IGSA recommends those buying for breeding stock to purchase from DNA verified stock.

Breed Standard

Color:  Red, Black, Brown & Grey (*with pattern)
Speckled/Ticked only allowed.

Purebred & Percentages
Speckled/Ticked, Dappled, Piebald.
Major Fault for Does - Solid colors without a required pattern.  Non-Standard colored Does should be used sparingly for production only of breed standard replacements.
Disqualification for Bucks - Color and Pattern not meeting breed Standard.