St Croix Sheep

Our St. Croix have been bred from St. Croix sheep we've picked up all over the country from Oregon, Utah, California, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas - etc....

Our sheep have been hand picked for their larger size and healthy status.
We specialize in the COLORED VARIETY of St. Croix Sheep.

We have the largest known flock of Colored St. Croi.



We proudly register ALL of our St. Croix with the AGSR.
American Goat & Sheep Registry.
We helped form the AGSR years ago when the then ONLY St. Croix registry had been having numberous issues and member/board disagreements.   After the 3rd name change to the St. Croix Registry and a split to the membership it became apparent a more stable and professionally ran Registry was needed.  To be sure our St. Croix would always have a dependable and unbias avenue for registration as well as a registry which would accept the "Colored variety" the AGSR was formed.

All of our stock is healthy.
We've kept a closed herd for years to keep it that way.
We can not guarantee a Sheep once it leaves our farm.

We do not guarantee size, health or breeding ability.


Our St. Croix are wormed on an as-needed basis which doesn't happen very often.  We prefer prevention over treatment and have incorporated known natural wormer legumes into our meadows.  We also believe in pasture rotation and lime.
Our St. Croix are vaccinated annualy with CDT.
The majorty of our herd is Scrapie Tested Resistant.

Our Ewes start at $400.00
Our Rams start at $300.00

Ocassionally a bottle baby -
$250.00 (*Ewe or Ram)

Pkg of 10 

(*9 ewes and 1 Ram)

MEAT SHEEP: - starting at $125.00

American Goat & Sheep Registry


Professional and Efficient Registration of Goats and Sheep.

St. Croix Breed

1st registry in operation to of allowed registration of the 'colored' variety of the St. Croix.

Membership Cost

The AGSR is privately ran and does not require costly annual membership fees.

100% - Purebred - Percentage

AGSR is the first and ONLY registry at this time that has seen the benefit of promoting the St. Croix not only as 100% St. Croix but as the perfect cross with other breeds to help SC breeders as well as others to produce a more viable flock of sheep.

100% - Purebred - Percentage

WHY have 3 Categories

3 Categories of St. Croix Registration allows for every individual to adapt the St. Croix into their own breeding program within AGSR guidelines.
St. Croix genetics adds hybrid vigor & overall health.

Benefit of St. Croix Breeding

St. Croix have proven to be more parasite resistant than most other breeds.  St Croix are known for easy lambing and exceptional mothering ability as well as having 'hair' over wool.
They have learned to adapt to a variety of climates, excellent foragers and highly fertile.
St. Croix are known to produce 3 kiddings in 2 years.

Breeds which have benefited:

Other breeds have been developed from St. Croix genetics.
Royal White
(*Dorper X St. Croix)
(*original stock came from same flock in St. Croix)

100% St. Croix

100% St. Croix have lineages which trace back to St. Croix Virign Island herds on both sides of the pedigree with no interruptions.
White - Colored - Polled - Hair

Purebred St. Croix

Purebred St. Croix have  been bred from St. Croix stock but were bred with another known or unknown breed at some point and then bred up to Purebred Status.
Purebreds are classified as at least 15/16 or 93.75% PURE.

Will never reach 100% designation.

Any Color - Horned/Polled - Hair

Percentage St. Croix

The breeding of a 100% or Purebred St. Croix to a Sheep of another breed or unknown breed.
Only Ewes may be registered in the Percentage Herd Book Database.
Percentage (*%)
Any color - Horned/Polled - Any coat